Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Review – 3 Good Alternatives

Pet lovers make great efforts to try and make their beloved fuzzy friends welcome and at ease. Even when your pet may feel snuggly, their hair on your carpet and furniture may not look that good.

Hairy pets shed, that’s a fact of life. The issue with pet fur is that it does not only look unsightly on your furniture, but may also lead to health issues, such as respiratory or skin allergies. This is why providing the proper housekeeping habits may make all the difference in households where pets are kept.

For years homemakers have struggled with their vacuum cleaners and their poor performances. In some cases, even the best-known brands have been unsatisfactory when it comes to cleaning up. Those who are looking for the best vacuums for pet hair may have a hard time finding a model that will suit their needs. Or maybe, they have been looking in the wrong places. These three alternatives are worth looking at if this is your quest.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner BH50010


Mighty Heavy-Duty Vacuuming
Hoover is a big name in the world of vacuum cleaners and entire generations have shared their everyday house chores with a Hoover. But what else can the brand offer in this age of ultra-technological advancement? Perhaps the greatest assets users achieve when getting their cordless Hoover is its power to clean up almost everything. Having been endowed with Wind Tunnel technology, the cleaner’s motor has been designed to suck up a storm! Patented by Hoover, this type of technology enables vacuums to lift dirt and debris of any kind, plus deep down embedded dirt very efficiently.

Pet owners who are looking for the best vacuums for pet hair will find that nothing works as well as this type of suction. Not only does the Hoover vacuum pet hair, but also deals with pawprints.

Powerful cleaning is maximized with the help of the proper set of brushes. In fact, its 11-inch wide nozzle is an effective tool that enhances the motorized power brush: an unstoppable pair. This quality makes the cleaner practical and effective to use not only on carpeted surfaces, but on other floor types as well. If you keep the vac on the first setting so that the brush does not turn, it will work wonders on your hardwood floors without scratching their surface. Families who own shedding pets will love the cleaner’s ability to remove hair from area rugs –which can be challenging with other methods.

Bagless Vacuum HeavenBest Vacuums for Pet Hair Review – Hoover Coordless Vacuum:

Another reason homeowners are flocking to get this cordless vacuum is its practical nature as far as maintenance is concerned. Whereas other cleaners require regular bag cleaning and messy replacements, this model provides a dust cup which is very easy to empty and clean. These qualities are not only evident with the dust cup, but with both the filter and the baffle tube, which are also easy to maintain.

How do you clean the dust cup? In few easy steps: take out the canister, open it up, empty it in the garbage pin, snap it back in, and et viola, ready to use again!


Clean time optimized: empty debris in few simple steps

Product Specifications
• Cordless/Battery-operated: Takes one Hoover Linx Lithium Ion Battery (included)
• Wind Tunnel Technology and cyclonic filtration
• Bottom release Dirt Cup
• Extreme recline handle
• Motorized Power brush turns on with a switch on/switch off mechanism

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)

  • Sealed Vacuum Technology
    Thanks to its impressive cyclonic technology, this vacuum never loses suction. This enables users to suck all sorts of dust and debris away until it is all gone. Endowed with superior HEPA filtration, the Shark Navigator has increased dust retention since it captures about 99.9% of dust inside the canister. Furthermore, reviewers claim to have vacuumed dog food and dried-up pet litter, too.
  • Simple AssemblyBest Vacuums for Pet Hair Review – Shark Navigator Lift Away
    One of the most relevant pros reviewers address is that the cleaner is easy and quick to assemble. It can be put together in a few minutes and almost effortlessly. This trait is particularly useful for pregnant women or senior citizens whose mobility may be somewhat impaired.
    Lightweight Vac, Optimal Suction

Product Specifications:
• Exclusive anti-allergen technology.
• Dusting Brush
• Pet Hair Power Brush
• 30’ cord

BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595A

  • Optimizing Brush Functions
    Few other vacuums make such great use of their various brushes as this model. This Bissell can lift all sorts of dust and pet hair in only a few passes. What is more, many reviewers agree that the whole vacuuming process takes much less time when done with this cleaner. Good news for pet lovers with little time for housework.
  • Easy Fill, Easy DumpBest Vacuums for Pet Hair Review – BISSELL cleanview upright onepass
    Since time-saving seems to be the name of the game with this appliance, emptying the dirt tank is also an easy and speedy process. All vacuumed dust is held in a fully-washable tank. The whole cleaning process takes just a couple of minutes to get over with as the tank can be easily removed and dumped. The filter is also easy to maintain. Word to the wise: Don’t freak out at the amount of murk that comes out! This means that the vacuum is actually doing its job.
  • Hassle-free Maintenance

Product Specs:
• 2.27lbs dust cup capacity
• Power Cord Length: 25
• Multi-cyclonic separation system
• Foot Width: 13.5 inches

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