Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Have you ever prepared food and eaten it right away and wish it can taste just as great the next day even after it spends time in the fridge as a left-over? I have.

Do you know what really makes the difference in taste? It’s the way you store it!

It doesn’t seem like it but food storage actually do wonders to how your food will taste the next time you eat it. So much of the freshness of your food is lost due to the excess air in a boxed container. And if you are not careful, it might even catch germs and shorten the lifespan of your ingredients and your cooked foods!

You definitely don’t want that to happen a lot! Not only is it wasteful, it can also cause potential health hazards. Just imagine the many germs already growing in number in your poorly-kept food!

Chamber vacuum sealer products are heaven-sent. With this nifty product, you can now seal all the freshness of your food ingredients and cooked food in the comforts of your own home. Think of it as your own personal packaging device! Your food will look like it came straight from the grocery when in fact, you made it and sealed it at home!

Okay, you should know that there are dozens of the best food vacuum sealer models out there. To help you pick the right one, I came up with this review to steer you in the right direction.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer – The Top 3 Products You Should Look For

You can actually choose from a number of vacuum sealer types. There are hand-held sealers (which are usually the cheapest) and the increasingly popular chamber vacuum sealer.

They actually look like the commercial vacuum sealer products used by big restaurants and food establishments. The difference is that they are now made smaller so they can be used in the comforts of your kitchen. How cool is this innovation?

And when it comes to chamber vacuum sealer products, these three are the all-time favorites:

1. VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – A Top-Notch Product for Food Freshness!

Chamber vacuum sealer Review-VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum SealerWhat it looks like: You’ll fall in love with this at first sight! It’s a portable sealer that can fit even in small kitchens. The dome-like outer covering of the chamber features a transparent material so you can see all the action going on inside. The black and silver finish of this vacuum sealer is so utilitarian, it will easily blend well whatever the décor of your kitchen is.

The Good:

  • Its main selling point is its ability to pack even liquids! Other vacuum sealers can’t do this because the suction system will end up vacuuming even the liquid inside. Now, you can pack meat soaking in marinade!
  • It’s easy to use. Just place it in the chamber and leave the rest to the machine. Go do something else if you want.
  • It’s a pretty sturdy chamber vacuum sealer. The manufacturing company did a great job using reinforced materials.
  • The chamber is actually quite roomy. Even if you seal bags with more liquid contents, you shouldn’t have any problem.

The Bad:

Compared to other hand-held or countertop vacuum sealers, this is a bit heavier and clunkier
It’s a bit pricey but for its durability and functionality, you’re getting your money’s worth!

2. VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – This is a Sealing Pro!

Chamber vacuum sealer Review-VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum SealerWhat it looks like: It actually looks like a vintage turntable! But you’ll never mistake it for a turntable because it has the brand’s logo plastered at the front and it has a big, roomy, chamber when you open it. It is grey all over with only a few black accents.

The Good:

It’s easy to use. Just place the bag inside the compartment, close the lid, push a button and wait for the machine to finish sealing for you!
Its vacuum power is purportedly stronger than competing chamber vacuum sealer products. It 27-29 hg suction level is quite impressive, don’t you guys agree?
It also works for liquids. You can really tell that VacMaster put a lot of thought into their vacuum sealers because they paid attention to the common problems experienced by users in most vacuum sealers.
This machine is tough enough to withstand some abuse. If you are a heavy vacuum sealer user, you’ll find this one of the most durable ones out there.

The Bad:

It’s a little more on the expensive side but reviews will tell you it’s worth every penny.

3. VacMaster VP115 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – Add to Your Kitchen Staples!

What it looks like: I get the same turntable vibes from it as I did with the previous VacMaster. The thing is, VacMaster creates some of the most stellar chamber vacuum sealer products so don’t be surprised if this brand dominated this list.

The Good:

It functions just like a commercial vacuum sealer! It’s like having your own personal commercial sealer but only more portable and compact.
It’s a no-brainer to use. Simply put the plastic packaging inside the chamber, close the lid and voila! The machine will do the hardwork for you.
It’s also quite sturdy. You can let others borrow it and it will still work!

The Bad:

This is one heavy chamber vacuum sealer but not too heavy that you will need extra set of hands to transport it from one place to another
Another pricey piece from VacMaster

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