Hoover Platinum LBU UH30010COM – Review

This Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright UH300 vacuum cleaner review is of a pretty special piece of kit, it matches up to the power of commercial model machines but it provides all the features that you would expect of a normal retail vacuum cleaner. This vacuum provides a great way to clean carpets and is very good at cleaning the carpet on your stairs. There are a few cons that this machine has, but I will get to them later. First I will go over some of the things that I have found to be most enjoyable about this vacuum cleaner.

The Power cord might seem like a superficial feature, but it’s not just the length of the cord that is good with this vacuum, but also the position. The vast majority of vacuum cleaners that I have owned in the past have had the cord coming out of the bottom, but this machine has it coming out of the top, which means that you don’t have to worry about going over the cord with the vacuum.

The HEPA system that comes with this unit is also really great, the air that comes out of the vacuum, no matter how dirty your carpet might is always as fresh as can be. I have not had any bad experiences with this so far.


There is also a brilliant auto height adjustment on this machine, which means that you will not have to continuously stoop down to adjust the height of the vacuum, the auto adjustment here works wonderfully, so you can glide worry free over rugs of all different heights.

The vacuum is excellent at cleaning carpets, and I would thoroughly recommend this vacuum to those people who mainly have carpets in their houses. However because there is no function to turn off the brush part of the vacuum, this may not be the best option for those with a lot of hardwood flooring.

The Lifetime LED headlight is brilliant as well, having an LED seems to make this a much better head light. You can expect this to be much better than headlights that use standard bulbs. There is also a Lifetime belt with this vacuum cleaner so you won’t have to worry about replacing the belt, and that nightmare situation where the belt goes during an important cleaning session.

There are a couple of negative points that I could mention about this vacuum as well, there is the fact that the motor exhaust seems to be ejected near the stair cleaning handle. So it could be a good idea to clean your stairs first. As mentioned above no option to remove the brush, so not good for hardwood flooring. Also but perhaps least importantly the bags for this machine are a little bit on the expensive side, you will have to pay about 5 bucks per bag, but seeing as these bags are larger than the standard vacuum bag, you probably won’t be spending any extra money in the long term.

Thanks or looking over this Hoover UH30010COM review. I hope you could take away some useful information.

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