What is the best shark vacuum cleaner?

When you choose one of the Shark vacuum cleaners you are assured of many benefits. Every model is made from quality materials to the highest of standards. A strong warranty is a given. The outstanding reputation and sales record of the company’s products add further comfort to your decision to invest. Ah, but the big question remains. Which model is right for you?

The Rotator and the Navigator will both gives years of brilliant service. Both are competitively priced and both have looks, technology and ease of operation to die for. But every home or apartment, every resident living there is different. You’ve heard of horses for courses. Well this translates to you finding the right cleaner for your situation. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

How to choose?

Know yourself. Of course you want to know what each vacuum cleaner can do and the many qualities of each cleaner will be discussed later. But first you need to interview yourself. Make a list of your needs. Ask yourself these questions.

  • How big is the space I need to clean?
  • Do I have pets and a large family?
  • What kind of floor surfaces do I need to clean?
  • Am I fit and able to operate most machines?
  • What is my budget?

Once you have a strong understanding of your living space and yourself you’re in a strong position to choose the ideal Shark vacuum cleaner. The shark vacuum reviews can give you the best advice to choose the right shark vacuum that fits for your need and budget.


The Rotator or the Navigator

Both cleaners have a portable unit within the main cleaner with both machines having a 30 foot power cable. This means you can move from room to room without having to unplug and start again every few minutes. And if you’re not physically strong, being able to use the Lift-away Pod makes cleaning and maneuverability a breeze.

Because of the light weight of these Shark cleaners, their contemporary design and an extra-large dust bag, it’s easy to vacuum and avoid a sore back or other discomforts.  And the standard filter system on all models does what only a state-of-the art HEPA filter can do. It collects up to 99.9% of contaminants. Dust simply does not escape.

Swivel steering is another huge benefit. You can navigate around furniture with ease. Both models have this feature. And if you clean at night or require illumination for those darker spots in your place, then the Rotator will impress you with its built-in headlights. That’s right – headlights on your vacuum cleaner.


What about extras?

Both models have a variety of attachments. Having both a short and a long crevice tool means you can easily clean those hard to get at crevices and corners. Then a dusting brush with special bristles means you can brush surfaces including furniture to loosen food crumbs, pet hair and the like and thus make vacuuming so much easier.

The Navigator has two microfiber pads which are brilliant for hard surfaces and there’s a pet power brush as well. The Rotator though offers more accessories than you can poke a vacuum cleaner at. You can make use of the following.

  • A straight suction nozzle
  • A multi-angle dusting brush
  • A large turbo brush
  • A car detailing kit
  • And more

Your space and cleaning requirements

The area you need to clean is important. The depth of your cleaning likewise is relevant. While both models are equally at home cleaning carpets or hard surfaces, if you want a deeper clean and have larger areas, the Rotator is your better choice.

A final factor is always the price. The Navigator is cheaper, lighter, with fewer accessories but is perfect for smaller homes and apartments. For larger areas, greater suction, deeper cleaning and more accessories, the Rotator is more expensive but a brilliant machine with a host of benefits to please even the most fussy of house-proud residents.

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